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Q: How long does installation take?

A: We are able to professionally install your storm shelter in as little as 1 day once your shelter has been built by the manufacturer and is scheduled for installation.

Q: What are the differences between the different types of shelters you offer?

A: Concrete shelters are a more affordable purchase, offering the safety you desire, at a price that fits a smaller budget. The concrete shelter is installed with a portion of the shelter remaining above ground, allowing access through the slanted door. The inside of the shelter is an open space, allowing you to store and setup as you desire. We offer two different sizes of our concrete shelters.

    Our steel safe rooms are an above ground option for those with small properties or yards that will not accomodate an underground shelter. They are wheelchair accessible and allow for anyone to be able to enter and be protected. They are manufactured completely of steel and are offered in two different sizes.

   The fiberglass shelters we install are a great underground option for those who would like a completely covered shelter, with only the door exposed above ground. They come with installed bench seating and are offered in three different sizes. 

Q: What area does Full House serve with their storm shelters?

A: Full House is located in Lindale Texas, and we offer our services all over the East Texas area and beyond!

Q: Do the shelters come with any type of warranty?

A: Yes! All of our shelters come with the manufacturers warranty on their product. From a 10 year warranty, to a limited lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that your shelter will be covered! Each shelter style has it's own type of warranty, so please call and ask about the warranty for the shelter style you are interested in!

Q: What can I expect after my shelter installation?

A: Once your shelter is installed, your can expect settling of the soil around the shelter for about the first 3 months. Full House does not warranty soil settling, but we do offer an optional final grade to the site.

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